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How Was School Today?

The Law Offices of Eric G. Ransleben is committed to excellence in the Texas public school system for all school-age children. Founded in May of 1996, our office represents children in all public school placements. Mr. Ransleben represents students at all stages of the process; from the initial referral to special education or 504, to Due Process Hearings and appeals to Federal Court. The practice is limited to the State of Texas.

Easily 90% of parents of students with special needs choose to represent themselves in the educational process. There are several attorneys and non-attorney child advocates in Texas, and a host of support groups dealing with every type of identified learning disability. Whether you retain the services of a professional or not, please avail yourself of the vast information and support on the internet and in your local bookstore before going any further with your district's committee. There is a barrage of terminology associated with these programs. It is important to keep yourself versed in the general terminology and to understand the direction of your local district's special education department.

Practice Areas

Areas of practice include: 

  • Special education (IDEA)

  • 504 programs

  • Regular and special education discipline hearings and appeals

  • Expulsion proceedings, and JJAEP placements

  • Title IX representation: Universities and Secondary Education


Mr. Ransleben also maintains an active juvenile law practice, which offers a holistic approach when conduct involves both student code of conduct and  juvenile justice code violations.


We also offer legal counseling for adolescents and  young adults pertaining to drugs and alcohol, assault, hazing, and more. Visit the Are You Ready For School? tab for more information.

Attorney Eric G. Ransleben


Texas Tech University, B.A. - (1988)

St. Mary’s University Law School, J.D. (1991)

Who’s Who Among American Law Students (1991)


Supreme Court of Texas (1991)


State Bar of Texas (1991)

The United States District Court

Northern District of Texas  (1991)

Eastern District of Texas (1997)

Professional Memberships and Associations:

State Bar of Texas

American Bar Association

Tarrant County Bar Association

Tarrant County Criminal  Defense Lawyers Association

Texas Criminal Defense Association

Texas Municipal Courts Association

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